Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week Two Evaluation

This week has been a great week for me getting back into the sport of triathlon. I worked out everyday.

Monday: Run for 1/2 hour. Yoga for 1 hour.
Tuesday: Swim for 10 minutes (laps were too crowded with Scouts). Spin bike for 1 hour.
Wednesday: Run for 50 minutes.
Thursday: Yoga for 1 hour.
Friday: Run for 1 hour.
Saturday: Swim for 40 minutes. Recumbant bike for 1 hour.

Though my weight is slowly dropping, my fitness is picking up rather fast. I can run at a 6.0 mph pace for about 40 minutes.

Yoga doesn't burn a lot of calories. According to Weight Watchers, I only get 2 negative points for a whole hour of yoga. But it has really helped my back. I had back pains after my Wednesday run, but after yoga on Thursday, I felt great. My back tweaked a bit again after running on Friday. I think once my core gets stronger, back pains will be less frequent and intense. Losing weight will also help the back. My brother-in-law the doctor says something like 90% of people experience back pain almost on a weekly basis. Back pain is a part of life. So I'm learning to work through it, and honestly, yoga is a great tool for alleviating pain.

The biggest benefit, however, has been my attitude and energy. I haven't had to take my afternoon hour-long to two-hour long nap this whole week. Instead I have used that time to exercise, and I haven't missed the sleep. I also find dealing with the kids is easier. It's easier to hold my 2-year-old girl; I don't fall asleep reading my girls books; and I seem to have a more even temperament.

For next week, I'd like to throw in a Zumba dance class on my Tuesday nights, the nights Kulani gives me all to myself.

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Shannon said...

Hi Cindy,
I raced my first triathlon two summers ago. No that I am not pregnant I think I have run oout of excuses and have decided to do another. I so need some sort of goal to motivate me into getting fit. I felt so proud of myself after and during the race. it made me remember who i know I am inside. It's in June so that gives me some time to train, gulp! I must admit getting started is tough. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it is inspiring.