Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long live the treadmill!

We recently purchased a second treadmill for the family. We placed it next to the treadmill already in commission downstairs and plugged it into the overloaded circuits. The only outlet we have in our unfinished basement could not handle the loud of both treadmills operating at the same time, so Kulani got his friend Craig, the electrician, to come put in another outlet. A few parts and $100 later, both treadmills are spinning away on our "road to nowhere."

I love treadmills. I love running with Kulani on the treadmills. I love listening to music while running on the treadmill. Tonight I found an old CD, the Best of Barenaked Ladies, and gleefully pounded out four miles. Nohea, my one year old, caused me to stop every now and again for fear of her coming too close, but for the most part, she played quietly by herself nearby. I didn't think I had time to exercise tonight. I could feel my body and mind start to wind down. I have a bed full of clothes to fold. I ignored it all, and took the time to exercise. I'm glad I did.