Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back on the skag, baby!

The Steelhead is over and out. And I loved it! An all-women triathlon isn't that bad. Competitors aren't super friendly, but I think it does attract more women to come out for the sport. And you find that in the real world, women come in all different shapes and sizes. I felt rather comfortable in my own skin this day.

But even better, I really had a great time. I felt like I pushed myself as hard as I could. I didn't think I left anything back. I did have a minor seat problem, as a bolt fell off about 1/4 of a mile to the transition area. But I hobbled to the transition and tried to make up for lost time during the run.

The course had one fairly large uphill during the first mile of the run and bike. I didn't take super accurate time, but my run splits continued getting less after that first mile. The first mile I ran a 10-minute mile, than an 8-minute mile, and then a 7 1/2-minute mile. The last mile and a half was all downhill. That was joyful to my heart. It took me quite a long time to feel like my legs were underneath me. I kept reminding myself of my brother B.J.'s training words: run tall and proud. I also tried relaxing my face and my running stance; allowing my legs to just flow forward. I think it helped, if not in actual time than definitely in psychology.

I ran into my second-cousin Kimmie at the start during the swim. Kimmie grew up in southern California, but then moved to Utah when she was in junior high. I figured by default, a southern-California girl should swim faster than a southern-Idaho girl, so I told her to swam in front of me. And for her first triathlon, she did awesome! I couldn't catch her on the swim, but I caught her in transition. I hope I'll see her around some other races. I swam faster than I predicted: 7:10 for a 300-meter swim. I thought I'd swim it in 8 minutes. I was joyous when I came out of the water. I don't know why one woman who decided to sidestroke the swim thought she could do it in 8 minutes. She got passed by everyone. But bless her heart for even doing it, is how I always feel about this sport I love so much.

Kimmie and me waiting our turn to start the swim.

Perhaps the goofiest picture of me ever, but I think my face displays how much I enjoyed that swim.

Kulani was a great support. He was at the start with all the girls in tow. They cheered me along the whole way.

Total race time: Around 1 hour 24 minutes.

Loved it! Next up: Spudman. But I may try to squeeze another race in there before the end of July. Hillman? Maybe I'll try that deathmarch again.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Women of Steelhead

I've got a race tomorrow, and I'm actually pretty excited about it. I haven't trained great, but it's a sprint and I'll survive. It's an all-female race, which I've never done. When women get together, they can be pretty cutthroat. That's why I'm calling it the "Women of Steelhead" instead of the "Women of Steel."

I've lost some weight. I'm down to 158. I hope to be at 145 by Spudman. I don't want to be less than that.

I've stuck with my yoga, miraculously, and only thanks to my instructor, Chicago Amy. She's fierce and kick butt and has a rockin' body at 37. I hate yoga, honestly. It's really not my cup of tea, but it has grown on me. And supposedly it will help me have long, lean muscles. And it helps with core strength.

I've also tried to cut out my sugar and salt intake to a big degree. I eat a lot of egg whites, raw carrots, and canned green beans. I usually have a protein and salad for lunch. For breakfast it's exclusively oatmeal, or a variety of oatmeal. I bought a package of Dee's Cereal, which is basically grains, a few raisins, and twigs. It does help me stay full until lunch. I have to add a teaspoon of Splenda, because that stuff does not taste good. For dinners I eat what I make the family, and it's usually a protein, salad, a potato or rice, and a vegetable. I also eat yogurt for snacks, and hard-boiled eggs for snacks, but I don't usually eat the yolk.

I've tried to focus my mind on things I CAN eat. It seems hard when starting out to find foods. But I've realized that a cut-up tomato is a pretty good treat, especially with a little bit of garlic salt. Avocados are awesome. Those pre-packaged and pre-frozen fish are delicious heated up in the microwave.

My training still isn't as great as when I first started the sport. I'm going to fix up my trailer, so I can ride it anytime I want to go somewhere with the girls in tow. My running is fine. My swimming and biking need work. Currently I'm only devoting one day a week to each of those. It's just easier to jump on my treadmill. However, I did finish the Sprint DVD of the Carmichael cycling training series. It killed me! But I'd like to do it again, so it didn't beat me.

I'll post more after my race.