Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Triathlon 2008 Season Officially Commences

Yes, another year of triathlon, and I'll be on board. It's been two days, and I've been doing great, so far. Yesterday we went swimming at the American Fork Recreation Center, my personal pool of choice. I dropped the kids off at the daycare there for 45 minutes, while I managed to swim 1100 meters in 30 minutes. Pretty slow, but I felt great. It was a good, quality swim, and my heart rate got up. These first few weeks, I'd like to see me drop some pounds, so I'm mainly focusing on just getting my heart rate up. After the swim, we took the girls swimming as well. That's why I love going to the American Fork pool; I can bribe them to be good for an hour with the promise of going swimming when we're all done.

Today I ran for 35 minutes while Lilia was at ballet class. I ran around the American Fork indoor track (12 times around = 1 mile) while I pushed Nohea in the stroller. Melissa was at preschool. I brought along the iPod, which made the run quite enjoyable indeed.

So on deck I have the Burley Vikingman the first weekend in June. After that, I'll be training for the Spudman at the end of July. I like to do three triathlons a year, so I need to find one more triathlon. I'm thinking the Saratoga Splash. That's a fun one.

Happy training!